Eternity Vault
A terrible threat has been uncovered in the prison Eternity Vault on the ice world of Belsavis.
Level 50
Location Belsavis
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None Karagga's Palace
Annihilation Droid XRR-3
Ancient Pylons
Infernal Council
The Infernal One

The Eternity Vault is an end game Operation designed for eight or sixteen players. Both the Republic and Sith Empire can do this operation.[1] The factions complete this operation for different reasons however.


Buried deep in the icy mountains of Belsavis, a prison housing an ancient and deadly entity has been uncovered. Both the Republic and the Empire understand the threat that the prison poses, and both sides send their most powerful heroes to confront and eliminate this powerful foe once and for all.

Venturing deep into the lost Rakata prison, The Eternity Vault will challenge even the most experienced of players. Only players who work together and use their expertise will be able to conquer the many tough enemies and challenging puzzles that await them.


The operation starts after talking to a person of high authority within the players respective faction. For the Empire faction, this person will be General Threnoldt, commanding officer of the Imperial Reclamation Service. This person will dispatch the players to Belsavis to stop someone known only as "The Infernal One". The players will land just outside of the Vault itself and will have to fight past the automated defenses to get inside. These automated defenses consist of two turrets, multiple Eternal Sentinel and Guardian droids and an Annihilation Droid.


1. Annihilation Droid XRR-3

2. Gharj

3. Ancient Pylons

4. Infernal Council

5. The Infernal One



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