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"Less than two centuries old, Fa’athra is an upstart among the Hutt clans. Instead of focusing on the slow accumulation of wealth and power with the intent of crushing his enemies with unstoppable force, Fa’athra is a nimble strategist, making prey of enemies too entrenched to respond quickly. After eliminating several Hutts in disfavor with the Cartel, he chose Nem’ro as his next target, seeing a ready-made power base ripe for the taking. While Fa’athra is less than devoted to Hutt Cartel law, he considers himself a disciple of ancient Hutt traditions abandoned by most of his species. Rumors abound that he is a member–possibly the only surviving member–of one of the lost cults of Varl."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Fa'athra was a male Hutt during the Cold War.

He was killed on Voss in the year of 3,641 BBY. He was also an enemy of Suudaa Nem'ro, another Hutt Cartel crime lord.


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