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A list of some of the many English-language SW:TOR fansites.

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News and general sites[]

News and General Sites
Name URL Summary
Ejeet Networks SW:TOR Portal Development, News, Widgets, Open Source Community for star wars gamers of all wakes of life to share their own passion on the web with similar swtor interest. Create a Community for your SWTOR friends. DKP, Blogs, Forums and many more tools to assist you.
SGlogo.png SenilityGuild SW:TOR News and Guides. Community for adult gamers to come together with like-minded adults. Gaming Portal Community for a range of other MMO's. Member Blogs, Forums and many more tools in development.
SW:TOR Arena Star Wars The Old Republic PvP News & Community.
Almar's Guides The most popular SWTOR Database for guides; covering Datacron, Leveling, Farming, Profession, PvP, Flashpoint, Companion and any other SWTOR guides you can possibly think of.