Field Respecialization

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Field Respecialization Field Respecialization

You may reassign your skill points while in the field. Normal respecialization costs apply.

Purchase Requirements:
   Cartel Coins

   Requires Level 10

-- or --

Purchase Requirements:
   Credit.png 200,000
   Requires Level 10
   Requires Legacy Level 5

Only available to current character when unlocked.

Field Respecialization is a Legacy Character Perk unlock located in the Convenience section. This unlock allows characters to change their skill tree points without visiting a skill trainer. Once unlocked it applies only to that character.

Unlock[edit | edit source]

Field Respecialization can be unlocked by paying Credit.png 200,000 after reaching legacy level 5 and character level 10 or by paying Cartel coin.png 350 after reaching character level 10.

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