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Finding Vengeance
Finding Vengeance

Level 46 mission
Imperial Agent Class Mission

Planet Voss
Start Therod-Ton
End Therod-Ton
Bonus Kidnapping Insurance
Previous The Wellspring of Healing
Next The Sacred Flame

Finding Vengeance is a level 45 class mission available to Imperial Agents. It is obtained on Voss by speaking with Therod-Ton in Voss-Ka.


Your mission to uncover the Star Cabal conspiracy manipulating the war leads to Voss, where the "Shining Man"--a conspirator agent--is a local legend among the natives. You must learn what the Shining Man was involved in and where he came from.

Your contact, Bas-Ton, has been kidnapped. The kidnapper has sent you a set of rendezvous coordinates; travel to the designated location in the Gormak lands and investigate whatever is there.


  • Investigate the Bounty Hunter's Coordinates
  • Disable the First Voss Scanner
  • Disable the Second Voss Scanner
  • Disable the Third Voss Scanner
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Locate the Bounty Hunter
  • Speak to the Bounty Hunter
  • Defeat the Bounty Hunter
  • Defeat Fa'athra's Mercenaries
  • Speak to Fa'athra the Hutt
  • Return to Bas-Ton's Teahouse
  • Speak to Therod-Ton



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