Foray-class Blockade Runner
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blockade runner
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Production information
Republic Fleet Systems
Technical specifications
155 meters
Class 2
  • 2 Dual turbolaser turrets
  • 6 Anti-starfighter medium
    turbolaser cannons
40 to 100
Convoy protection & Interdiction

The Foray-class blockade runner was a capitol ship used by the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, and later conflicts.


The Foray-class blockade runner had a long, slender hull capped at the rear with a large engine bank that gave it incredible speed. The blockade runners were also armed with turreted guns positioned on each side of the ship's bow and point-defense cannons lining the vessels spine. With the bridge located on the ventral side of the ship.


The Foray-class's original purpose was to defend the Republic Navy's reach by guarding the trade routes, but during the Mandalorian Wars the ships gained new mission uses. It assisted Republic Army troops and civilians trapped behind enemy lines, and aided besieged Republic aligned worlds hauling by supplies to them, even under enemy fire. The vessels could also be used to secretly land commandos for special operations.

The Foray-class was also one of the two main capitol ship classes upon which the Republic Fleet depended along with the Hammerhead-class cruiser, after most of the larger warships were stolen by the fallen Jedi, Darth Revan and Darth Malak, following the Battle of Malachor V. Many vessels of this class were also used to defend Citadel Station, in orbit of the Planet Telos IV, against the Sith attack led by Darth Nihilus aboard his flagship the Ravager.

Split allegiances

The Galactic Republic were not the only power in the Galaxy to commission these ships. The Onderon separatists and Sith Triumvirate also made use of the Foray-classes impressive capabilities.


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KotOR 2 Tobin shot (0)

Colonel Tobin on the bridge of a Foray-class blockade runner during the First Jedi Purge.

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