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Force Push Force Push Force Push

Cooldown: 1 minute
Range: 10m

Deals X kinetic damage, knocks the target back several meters and knocks the target down for 2 seconds. Force Push immediately finishes the cooldown of Force Charge.
This article is for the Sith Juggernaut version of the ability. For the Jedi Guardian version, see Force Push (Jedi Guardian).

Force Push is a Sith Juggernaut offensive ability available for training at level 30. It is one of the more iconic Sith Warrior abilities with a variety of situational capabilities. It has both a knockback ability (approximately 10 meters) as well as an interrupt effect.


  • Knockback. The most obvious effect, knockback can be used to push enemies away to mitigate incoming damage for a few seconds, or if pushed off a level for many seconds. In some situations, the knockback can hurl an enemy off a high ramp or floor to their death. Opportunities to instantly dispose of elites and powerful silvers by using high floors, cliffs and bridges is a key use.
  • Interrupt. Force Push is an effective interrupt to prevent the enemy from using more powerful abilities, especially then when Disruption is on cooldown. Some more powerful enemies (powerful elites or bosses) may be immune to knockback, but Force Push can interrupt an ability many times.

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