"The area now called Fort Garnik began as a series of makeshift landing pads built on the island of Avilatan for spacers who were too disreputable for the mainland. Avilatan was a haven for gangsters, smugglers and pirates, but was also one of the largest and most thriving economies on Ord Mantell. Settlements formed, and over decades, Avilatan became respected as a major commerce center. When separatist bombings destroyed Ord Mantell’s other spaceports, Avilatan became the Republic military’s primary staging area, and its now-substantial landing zone took on strategic importance. Renaming the Avilatan spaceport to “Fort Garnik” in honor of a Republic war hero from Ord Mantell, the military established a fortified garrison there. Since then, Avilatan Island and Fort Garnik have become major targets of the separatist forces."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]
Fort Garnik map
Fort Garnik is a large Ord Mantell military based used by the Ord Mantell Government. It also serves as the main command centre for the Republic and Operations Centre for Havoc Squad. The base also serves as a safe haven for refugees and displaced civilians during the war, as well as government officials. The fort consists of several quests for the Trooper and Smuggler classes.

Ord Mantell's cantina, the Avilatan's Rest is also located here. It has Garnik loyal forces that are loyal to the republic.


  • If you look to the front you will find a Republic trooper with a blaster pistol while the Garnik Infantry have blaster rifles.
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