Fortitude Enhancement 2
Binds on Equip
Enhancement (Item Modification)
Total Stats:
   +7 Endurance

Requires Level 9

This Enhancement can be used to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Fortitude Enhancement 2 is a level 9 premium-quality enhancement that can be added to a player's custom-quality weapon or armor. It can be obtained as a reward for the completion of introductory item modification missions, as well as coming pre-equipped in several item found in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Fortitude Enhancement 2 is obtained as a reward upon the completion of several low-level missions.

Mission reward
Republic.png Icon class smuggler.png Icon class trooper.png [8] Item Modification
Republic.png Icon class jediconsular.png Icon class jediknight.png [8] Item Modification
Empire.png Icon class bountyhunter.png Icon class imperialagent.png [8] Item Modification
Empire.png Icon class sithinquisitor.png Icon class sithwarrior.png [8] Item Modification
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