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I'm working on compiling a bunch of into out on the internet for the Jedi Sentinel page. I was wondering if people wanted to dicuss the sections that should make up each of teh advanced classes. Sections that I see each one should have are the following: Summary of Class Talents Skills Companions Sample Builds PvP Level 50 Gear Goals

Anyone else have any ideas?

I'm thinking the class and advanced class articles should serve as portals to all information specific to that topic. This would include equipment used, unique mechanics, and basic strategies. That said, it needs to remain neutral and unbiased; this is not a place for sample builds or gear goals. A wiki is an encyclopedic resource, and articles in the primary name space should not instruct or advise readers.
  • We'll certainly want a summary overview of the advanced class. Information for his can be drawn from the codex entry and in-game observation/experience.
  • We should have a summary of the three talent trees available to each advanced class. This should include links to dedicated articles or subarticles devoted to each. The skills/abilities specific to each tree can be discussed on these dedicated pages. There's no need to include them on the primary advanced class article.
  • Companions are not a function of advanced class, and as such should not be part of the advanced class articles.
I'll need to do a bit more brainstorming before coming up with additions. We just need to remember the only information we should be including in these articles is that which is unique to the given advanced class. Anything else is better served being included elsewhere. -- Heaven's Agent 21:32, 29 December 2011 (UTC)