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I've startet editing the Crew Skill pages, beginning with Synthweaving. I extended the information on materials with the Materialbox templates, and added a few Schematics with the Schematicbox template. But with these additions, some problems might occur in the future.

First, the Materials section is quite large and in my opinion is not a very important part of the crew skill pages. At least not as important as it consumes space. People searching for information about crew skills, will rather search for Schematics and likely Trainers for it. My suggestion is, to build a 'Crafting Materials' page, with information about all materials classes, and put links on the specific crew skill pages.

Second, if someday in the future all Schematics are created, the table on the crew skill page will become very bloated. Way too much data for one table. My suggestions are, to split the table up into the categories, as the crew skill window ingame gives us. For example heavy/light/medium armor classes as in synthweaving. Another problem will be the schematics gained through Reverse Engineering. For nearly every schematic, there are 3*4 schematics by reversing. Thats imho too much for one table. Maybe we should display these schematics only in the item detail pages? Have some suggestions? :) --Demon 09:31, 21 January 2012 (UTC)

I know Heaven's Agent has been doing quite a bit of work on the Synthweaving schematics page. Check out how he has it laid out and offer any input on the forum post he made. I think the plan is to separate the schematics into a different page from the main article. As for materials, I think if we leave the section there and just link to the type of materials the skill uses, like power crystals, it'll give enough information without the bloat. --Icon class jediknight Alianin T C 21:57, 22 January 2012 (UTC)
Ok, so i'll just stick to adding schematicbox pages, and let Heaven's Agent do his job on the proper displaying of the schematics for now. Thats fine with me. For the materials idea, i'll implement this, then we can see how it works. --Demon 17:24, 23 January 2012 (UTC)