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I am new to wiki editing, but really want to help flesh out some pages on here. I'm just stuck.

I was intending on starting with Diplomacy and list the missions by level as they are on the game (10-16, 17-24, 25-32, 33-40, 41-48, 49-50) and also note at what skill level the next set becomes available - for example Mission level 17-24 became available when I reached Diplomacy skill 65/400 - and only one light and one dark was available for each skill point to 70, when more became available (though that might be an unnecessary distinction.)

I just don't know how to get into the table which is already on the page and continue what has already been started! I feel like such a dunce, but I really have hunted high and low for info and am now turning to the experts here.

Qa'il 07:09, 29 March 2012 (UTC)

Hi Qa'il and welcome here. It's nice to see new people here. To answer your question about the table you should edit this page Diplomacy/Missions because the wiki code is {{:Diplomacy/Missions}} which mean the page is just included as a template. Feel free to ask every questions you have, Heaven's Agent and Alianin will also be glad to help you here. Zophar 09:02, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
Welcome Qa'il. Zophar's got it; any edits to the relevant subpage will be reflected in the table. That being said, I wanted to thank you for bringing this up. It's a barrier to new contributors that I hadn't thought of, and something we may want to consider making a little more user friendly in the future. -- Heaven's Agent 15:57, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
Perhaps we should treat the mission information like schematics and separate it out to a subpage and include a link. --Icon class jediknight Alianin T C 17:39, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
The primary reason I used templates for schematic information is because the table rows are going to be used on multiple articles; it's easier to house such information in a single place rather than multiple instances of identical code. This isn't the case with Crew Skill mission tables. That said, if the method streamlines the process it's something we should consider anyway. Has the usage of schematic table templates made data entry easier? -- Heaven's Agent 17:44, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
I was actually just talking about the link banner and mission subpage, but having a table template like the schematic one will keep consistency on the project and make it easier for new users to add more content by copy/pasting. I don't think we'll need to make subpages like Template:Schematicbox/Stealth Belt though. --Icon class jediknight Alianin T C 18:42, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
I went ahead and made the edits to the diplomacy page. Thoughts? Depending on how many missions we actually end up with, we might move it back to the main page as there isn't much content there. I can't think of anything else to add to the main page. I'd really like to keep all the Crew Skill pages consistent though. --Icon class jediknight Alianin T C 20:19, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
It looks good to me; I'm sure the tables will grow over time.
I don't think we should have a column for mission descriptions. It's fluff, and though it definitely has relevance to the missions themselves, a table works best if the information it contains is kept minimal and basic. We should be able to keep each row to a single line of text. -- Heaven's Agent 21:07, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
Thanks for making the changes to the Diplomacy pages, that is a huge improvement. I started working on the missions I had available to me and realized that I didn't know at what level each mission changes colour. If there is a quick and easy way of discerning this, I'd love to know, but just in case there isn't, I've created a spreadsheet for myself to record colours of each mission at each skill point. When they change colours I'll do a minor edit and update in the wiki. When I was working on the Diplomacy/Missions_17-24 page I couldn't figure out how to add the box at the top to quickly link to the other mission levels, so I just carried on with the part I did know about..
Regarding the mission fluff, I'm a little torn. I feel it does add to the flesh and lore of SWTOR, and references areas and organizations that either have or will have wiki pages about them, but ultimately, linking (for example) the mission Balancing Acts to the pages for Gank and Hutt would only benefit the die-hards who want to know EVERYTHING even vaguely related to their chosen obsession. If I were asked to come down on one side or the other of that fence, I'd be on the side of keeping the fluff. Who knows who will base their thesis on the intricacies of Hutt politics? -- Qa'il 07:44, 30 March 2012 (UTC)
I've started adding in the mission pages themselves. The descriptions can go there and we won't lose anything. One question before I make the change to the table layout. Each mission has different amounts of light/dark side points it awards, even more if the mission crits. Do we want to add these numbers to the table or just on the mission page? --Icon class jediknight Alianin T C 12:59, 30 March 2012 (UTC)
I don't know too much about Diplomacy. Are the gains static? if so I think we could probably include them both on the table and the articles. If they vary, we might not want to include actual numbers in either location. -- Heaven's Agent 14:05, 30 March 2012 (UTC)
They're static. X for a normal reward and double that for a crit. I'll go ahead and make the changes. --Icon class jediknight Alianin T C 14:10, 30 March 2012 (UTC)
I think we also need to include the level requirement on both the Diplomacy/Missions and the mission pages themselves. Right now the Mission list has no particular order, except perhaps by yield. Would ordering the list by level requirement then mission name alphabetically be the way to go? Qa'il 18:34, 30 March 2012 (UTC)

(Resetting Indent)
I think it would work best; similar tables, such as those for crafting schematics, are sorted by level first. In the case of crew skill missions, name seems like the next most relevant parameter. -- Heaven's Agent 18:40, 30 March 2012 (UTC)

The level requirement is included. It's the orange number. I've organized them by level requirement then alphabetically by name. --Icon class jediknight Alianin T C 19:02, 30 March 2012 (UTC)