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I've been building a table of schematics for Synthweaving as a I progress through the game. Due to schematics unlocked through reverse engineering, however, the list is quickly growing to a point that its usefulness will be limited at best. I'm wondering if folks have any input on how best to approach this issue.

I like having a "master list" of schematics, regardless of how big that list might become. That said, there's no reason we couldn't created smaller, more specialized lists as well. I was thinking about a tabbed or subpage structure designed to make navigating the schematics a little easier. Headings would be as follows:

  • Master List
  • Base Schematics List (no reverse engineered schematics)
  • Ganaeral Schematics Type Lists (light armor, medium armor, etc.)
  • Base Schematics Type Lists (light armor, medium armor, etc.; no reverse engineered schematics)
  • General and Specific Custom Items Schematic Lists (all custom items, light armor custom items, medium armor custom items, etc.)

I'm also wondering how best to list the components needed to crate an item. Currently I'm listing each component on its own line, which causes the height of the table rows to vary. Another option is to simply list the component icons and a number similar to how the DB does. This would allow us to limit the instances when a row of the table was more than a single line in height.

What are everyone's thoughts on these issues? -- Heaven's Agent 16:47, 19 December 2011 (UTC)