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Freelance Gear Merchant
Reputation Vendor

Freelance Gear Merchant

Level 31 Melee NPC

Species: [[Human]]
Gender: Female
Health: 2245
Planet: [[Republic Fleet]], [[Imperial Fleet]]
Region: [[Carrick Station]], [[Vaiken Spacedock]]
Location: X: Y: Z:

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Freelance Gear Merchant is a human Bounty Brokers Association reputation vendor located in the Cartel Bazaar on both fleets.


Freelance Gear Merchant offers a selection of custom bound to Legacy weapons, pets, and companion customizations for purchase.

Vendor Store
Rifle.bowcasterlow02.a02 v01.png Assassin's Bowcaster Credit.png 250,000

F1537768 A2A191C0507CEFB5.png BH-7X Custom Hunter Credit.png 500,000

Soothe.png BH-7X HK Customization Credit.png 1,000,000

Assassinstraining.png Bounty Hunting Treek Customization Credit.png 250,000

1FE35B59 92026D7B12E28C50.png Drink Server Probe Credit.png 750,000

Rifle.bowcasterlow01.a03 v04.png Elite Assassin's Bowcaster Credit.png 750,000

Rifle.bowcasterlow01.a03 v04.png Elite Tracker's Bowcaster Credit.png 750,000

Rifle.shotgunhigh03.a01 v01.png Heavy Modified Blaster Carbine Credit.png 250,000

Pet.wraid.lobel.02.png Lobelot Credit.png 55,000

Pet.kelldragon.a01 v02.png Swamp Kell Drake Credit.png 500,000

Rifle.bowcasterlow02.a02 v01.png Tracker's Bowcaster Credit.png 250,000


  • Take a look. Everything you see is for sale.
  • You see anything you like, just let me know.
  • Come back any time.


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