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Fury, relative Concentration is one of three Melee DPS Discipline for Sith Marauders and Jedi Sentinels. It is one of 18 different DPS Disciplines. It requires an active Shii-Cho Form to use it efficently. The two support buffs for the raid are Beat Down and Overwhelmed. Its strength are Burstdmg and AOE-Dmg.

List of Fury\Concentration Skills[]

Skill Fury Skill Concentration Level Activation
[Raging Burst] [Focused Burst] 10 Active
[Decimate] [Swelling Winds] 12 Passive
[Shii-Cho Mastery] [Shii-Cho Mastery] 16 Passive
Utility Point 17 Passive
[Saber Strength] [Saber Strength] 20 Passive
[Vehemence] [Fervor] 24 Passive
Utility Point 25 Passive
[Obliterate] [Zealous Leap] 26 Active
[Battle Cry] [Momentum] 28 Passive
[Rout] [Nimble Slash] 32 Passive
Utility Point 33 Passive
[Dominate] [Felling Blow] 36 Passive
[Cascading Power] [Heightened Power] 40 Passive
Utility Point 41 Passive
[Force Crush] [Force Exhaustion] 42 Active
[Destruction] [Koan] 44 Passive
[Gravity Vortex] [Gravity Vortex] 48 Passive
Utility Point 49 Passive
[Cruelty] [Decisive Slashes] 52 Passive
[Force Flagellation] [Force Flagellation] 56 Passive
Utility Point 57 Passiv
[Furious Strike] [Concentrated Slice] 58 Active
[Furious Defense] [Concentrated Defense] 60 Passive
[Furious Rage] [Centered Focus] 64 Passive
Utility Point 65 Passive