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"Resembling the larger, more heavily armed Terminus-class destroyer, the Gage-class transport trades the destroyer’s numerous turbolaser banks for cargo space and troop barracks. Where the Gage does resemble its cousin, however, is its heavy armor–the Gage isn’t built for speed or combat, but to get its cargo to a destination intact. Captaincy of a Gage is often a first step for Imperial naval officers seeking greater responsibilities, but it can also be a punishment for an officer who’s drawn the ire of his superiors. In one famous case during the last war, a disgraced captain took advantage of the Gage’s armor in an act of redemption–ramming the ship into a Republic battle station, tearing through deck after deck before the Gage was destroyed."
―In-game Codex (Ships)[src]

The Gage-class transport is a transport ship design in use by the Sith Empire. It was often deployed to transport troops to a planet for battle.


The Gage-class resembled the larger Terminus-class destroyer, but wielded fewer turbolaser batteries. The transport instead had more space for cargo and room for barracks in which to carry troops. Its bridge deck was also noted for its wide and spacious design. The transport sported the heavy armor of the Terminus to help protect its cargo. The armor was strong enough for the transport to viably engage in last-ditch ramming maneuvers.


Many Imperial naval officers began their careers captaining a Gage transport. Other captains were known to be demoted from their previous assignments to a Gage if they angered their commanders. The Gage-class proved a sturdy design during the Great Galactic War, in an incident where a disgraced captain looking to redeem himself rammed his transport into a Republic battle station. The ship went through multiple decks wrecking havoc before being destroyed.

During the Cold War, the Gage-class transport Black Talon found itself pressed by Grand Moff Rycus Kilran into an engagement with the Republic Thranta-class warship Brentaal Star. With the help of elite operatives procured by Kilran, and in spite of being obviously outclassed, the Black Talon secured all its objectives and escaped before Republic reinforcements arrived.


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