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Galactic Renown, previously known as Galactic Command, is a progression system introduced during Knights of the Eternal Throne for preferred players once a character has reached max level. It is a progression system that allows characters at max level to gain increasingly more powerful rewards as they advance through the command rank tiers. As a preferred player, once a character reaches level 75 instead of earning normal experience, they will begin to earn renown experience, previously known as command experience (CXP).

Renown rank tiers[]

  • Tier One - Levels 1-90
  • Tier Two - Levels 91-180
  • Tier Three - Levels 181-299
  • Tier Four - Levels 299-300

Renown experience[]

Renown experience replaces normal experience once a player hits max level. Upon earning a Galactic Command level, players are rewarded with a Command Crate of their current tier.

Earning renown experience[]

Weekly missions

Daily missions


  • Heroics
  • Star Fortress
  • All heroics on a planet

Story Chapters

  • Story KOTFE/KOTET chapters
  • Veteran KOTFE/KOTET chapters


  • Story mode Uprisings
  • Veteran mode Uprisings
  • Master mode Uprisings


Daily bonus[]

Dark vs Light bonus[]

RXP item boost[]


Preferred Status players at level 75 can now earn Renown XP at a 25% rate.
All players have been set to Renown Rank 0.
Players will be able to start earning Renown XP beginning at character level 75.
All Renown Ranks are now equal in value, they have the same Renown XP requirements to level and all Crates award gear relevant to your character's currently selected Discipline and average item rating.
  • Patch 5.0.0 - Knights of the Eternal Throne (29 Nov 2016): Added.