Galactic Reputation is a system where contributions to specific organizations are rewarded with titles and access to exclusive items from reputation vendors and content. Reputation is bound to a player's Legacy, therefore any individual character's contributions benefit the whole.

Gaining reputation

Reputation can only be gained from reputation trophies. There are three tiers of reputation trophy: premium, prototype, and artifact. Each trophy provides the following reputation points (the number in parentheses is for subscribers):

  • Premium: 135 (270)
  • Prototype: 315 (630)
  • Artifact: 720 (1440)

There is a reputation cap of 12000 points per week. Reputation gains can be boosted two ways:

  • Subscribers receive a 50% bonus to reputation gains.
  • Guilds can provide up to a 10% bonus to reputation gains.

Reputation ranks

As players gain reputation points, they earn reputation ranks. Some ranks award Legacy titles or give access to rewards that can be purchased from reputation vendors. Below is a list of the reputation ranks and the number of points needed to obtain that rank. Advancing to a new rank resets the points back to zero.

Rank Points in rank
0646ED3C AF3E59E7DF2F30D6.png Outsider 2500
85C48F71 D820F12D7EFA5A92.png Newcomer 5000
3845C4B5 4D78D34B3265B074.png Friend 7500
5F3EABDA B8158803C0B4E47B.png Hero 10000
CA4236BD CAA2D6DB0F478076.png Champion 15000
71A82CE6 CA297952FC639EC1.png Legend 30000

Reputation organizations

Reputation gains towards organizations that are faction specific (Republic or Empire) count towards the whole. For example, gaining reputation for the Republic Makeb organization, also increases the Imperial Makeb reputation.

Planet/Group Republic.png Galactic Republic Neutral Empire.png Sith Empire
Bounty Contract Week
Missions on Fleets
Bounty Brokers Association
Cartel Market Bounty Supply Company
The Contraband Resale Corporation
Binary Star Realty
Freebooter's Trade Union
Interplanetary Component Exchange
CZ-198 The Adjudicators Ordnance Acquisition Corps
GSI Galactic Solutions Industries
GSI Affiliate
Rakghoul plague
Galactic Starfighter
Relics of the Gree
Missions on Ilum
The Gree Enclave
Kuat Drive Yards Republic First Fleet Imperial Forward Command
Makeb Citizens of Makeb Makeb Imperial Forces
Oricon Strike Team Oricon The Dread Executioners
Section X
Republic 5th Assault Battalion Imperial Guard on Belsavis
Rishi People of Rishi
Space Combat Republic Hyperspace Armada Imperial First Mobile Fleet
Voss The Voss
Yavin 4 Coalition Forces on Yavin 4


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