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The Galactic Trade Network (commonly abbreviated as GTN) is an in-game trading post or auction house where players can buy and sell items found in game or on the Cartel Market for credits.

How it works[]

A player who is willing to sell an item will put it up on the GTN Terminal for a certain amount of credits. Another player looking to buy the said item will search for it and buy the item. Therefore, the player selling the item can make a profit.

To sell an item you have to switch to the Sell tab and right click the item you want to post from your inventory. After setting duration and price you can click create sale which will put that item into the server's auctioned items.

To buy an item, add the name of the items and choose the search options.

Search Options[]

  • Name- Name of the item.
  • Category - Type of item you are looking for.
  • Sub Category - A more specific category of item.
  • Slot- The type of item you are trying to buy (Gloves, Headgear).
  • Rarity- Type of item. (Custom, Standard, Prototype).
  • Usable By- Who the item can be usable by.
  • Stats- The type of stats the item has (Cunning, Endurance, Strength)
  • Required Level- The level range required.
  • Cost Range- The player's budget range.
  • Unit Price- The price of 1 item.

Seller Options[]

  • Item- The name and stats of the item you are selling.
  • Cost- The selling price.
  • Duration- The time of how long the item will exist in the GTN.
  • Deposit- How much you pay GTN for hosting your item in the server.