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Galen is a male human who worked as a Republic Strategic Information Service agent who served the Galactic Republic during the Cold War against the Sith Empire.


The Plant Prison

Galen became an agent within the SIS during the Cold War and became an informant on the Republic's capital world of Coruscant. When General Var Suthra notified Galen of the theft of the design plans for a superweapon known as the Planet Prison, Galen worked with Suthra, the project's lead designer Doctor Tarnis, Jedi Master Orgus Din, Padawan Kira Carsen, and another Jedi Knight to recover the plans.

Galen initially began his investigation through members ofCoruscant Security, and identified a Rodian called Vistis Garn as one of the culprits for the theft. While the Knight pursued and apprehended Garn, and Suthra and Carsen's master Bela Kiwiiks reported to the Jedi Council, Galen and Carsen discovered a security breach and the subsequent kidnapping of Doctor Tarnis. Upon learning that the Black Sun guild was responsible for the breach, Galen contacted the night and explained the danger, asking for the Knight's swift return to the Senate Tower. Galen then explained the situation to the Knight, who worked with Carsen to learn the location of Tarnis and where he might be rescued.

Transitioning from locating the Plant Prison plans to finding Tarnis, Galen used more SIS connections to locate the Black Suns' base of operations on Coruscant and walked the Knight through to rescue Tarnis. Unfortunately, Tarnis was discovered to be a Sith Lord, and Galen's contribution to the mission was ended upon the Knight successfully located the Plant Prison plans and killed Tarnis.

Power Guard project

Galen PowerGuard

Galen, after being transformed into a Mark III Power Guard.

Soon after the mission's completion, Galen left to secure the Republic's Power Guard superweapon project on Nar Shaddaa. Without knowing of what the Knight's actions had unleashed on the Republic and how Darth Angral was launching attacks as a result of his son's death, Galen was captured shortly after his arrival on-world. The Empire had assumed control of the entire Power Guard project, and Galen was experimented on and transformed into a Mark III Power Guard, one of the most advanced cyborgs in the galaxy, and forced to obey the commands of Lord Sadic.

The Knight arrived on world and, learning what happened, tracked Galen down. Sadic learned of the Knight's location and ordered Galen to fight the Knight. Galen was defeated, but the Knight allowed Galen to live rather than cutting him down, despite Galen's insistence that he didn't want to live as the cyborg he now was. The damage done during the fight give Galen enough power to control his own mind, and the two of them worked together to locate Sadic before any more Power Guards could be created. Upon reaching Sadic, the two of them discovered that Sadic had transformed himself into a Power Guard to gain even more combat abilities, and the two of them were forced to fight and kill the Sith.

After returning to the Republic and discovering that the damage done to Galen was irreversible, he traveled to Sith space as an undercover agent and sent messages to the Knight, with thanks for reminding him that he still had something to live for.

Behind the scenes

Galen can be killed after his first encounter with the Jedi Knight on Nar Shaddaa, or can be made to leave and not interfere with the final battle with Lord Sadic. However, he will still message the Knight about his new undercover assignment in Sith space if allowed to leave after his battle with the Knight.


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