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Game Update 3.3.2
Release Date 22 September 2015

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  • New performance optimizations! Made multiple improvements targeting graphics, framerate, and load times. See below for details!
  • Bounty Contract Week Returns! Speak with a Bounty Brokers Association representative on either Fleet to get lucrative contracts to hunt dangerous criminals hiding across the galaxy! The event begins September 22nd at 04:00 PDT/12:00 GMT and ends September 29th at 04:00 PDT/12:00 GMT.


  • Made multiple performance optimizations across the game. The effects of these improvements will depend on settings, computer specifications, and your location in-game:
    • Improved anti-aliasing to give better performance on Medium settings and better overall image quality on Very High settings.
    • Environment rendering has been given a subtle contrast boost.
    • Character rendering has been adjusted so that characters are more obvious and stand out a bit more against the background.
    • Improved rendering performance of shadows.
    • Improved rendering performance of grass and other foliage.
    • Improved area load times, as well as made general performance and memory improvements.
    • Made framerate improvements, especially when in a large group of characters.
  • The Gree Hypergate Rest and Recharge item can no longer be used during Warzones.
  • The Selkath Console Decoration has been reverted to its proper appearance.
  • The Sensor Console: X1-74 Decoration now has collision as intended.
  • Fixed textures that were not fully rendering in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint.
  • The in-game Knowledgebase articles have been removed from the Help interface. You can find all of the articles and other information at

Missions + NPCs[]

  • The Imperial Commando and Soldier now attack after speaking with Master Gauralt during the Mission "A Presence on Ziost."


  • It is no longer possible to avoid losing Rating by closing the client after receiving a Ranked Warzone invite.
  • The Warzone UI now properly states that it is Season Six.