Gas Mining Facility is a building located in The Rust Yards on the planet Hutta.


Mission objective

  • Empire.png [7] Industrial Raiders
  • Empire.png [7] Keeping Secrets
  • Empire.png [7] Terminating Contracts (Bonus)
  • Empire.png Icon class imperialagent.png [7] Economies of Scale


  • Enslaved Miner
  • Fa'athra Industrial Guard
  • Fa'athra Rustguard Guardian Droid
  • Mining Droid
  • SP-3R Excavation Droid


<gallery> File:Map_int_gas_mining_facility_level_1_r.png|Level 1 File:Map_int_gas_mining_facility_level_2_r.png|Level 2 File:Map_int_gas_mining_facility_level_basement_r.png|Basement

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