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Gate Commander Draxus is the second boss in Operation The Dread Fortress. Before you can fight the boss itself, you must first make your way through a labyrinth like puzzle. Divide your group into 2 groups and split them into pairs afterwards. Each pair will then take a different route. You need to activate the crystals here to open gates for others. Once you have cleared the puzzle, you'll find the boss.


Story Mode

Draxus himself isn't anything special. Main Tank just needs to tank him away from the rest of the group, so that his Suppressive fire attack doesn't harm the group. The real challenge in this boss comes from waves of different Dread Guard enemies he summons. You will face total of 9 waves, each with a different composition. And you can't waste any time with defeating the waves, because every wasted second will bring the boss closer to enrage.

Enemies will come from 3 different directions: east, west and south, when you look from the map. Group must be directed appropriately to all directions. Start the battle by attacking the boss. After he has lost about 20% health, he'll jump out, calling out waves of enemies. He will eventually come back and then fights alongside these waves. Main Tank needs to tank every time he's in the battle.

  1. First wave consists only Subteroths from east & west. They aren't difficult themselves, but Tanks need to keep them away from group, because they explode when they die, causing damage in small area.
  2. Second wave consists Dispatchers and Subteroths from east& west sides. Dispatchers only attack with constant Force Lightning, which isn't so bad.
  3. Third wave consists Dispatchers and Corrupters, and Draxus will be around too. Main tank takes Draxus and the rest will kill the Dispatchers and Corrupters. Interrupting the Corrupters is important, because they will use Massive Affliction, which causes a debuff of periodical damage to all group members.
  4. Fourth wave consists Dismantlers, that have a powerful slash attack called Strong Swipe that causes a serious knockback.
  5. Fifth wave is the first real wave, when problems can happen. There will be an enemy group on every side. South side consists a Bulwark and 2 Corrupters. East and west a Bulwark with 2 Dispatchers. Bulwarks will generate a shield around itself and others, which absorbs all ranged attacks that are done outside the shield. Kill Corrupters first and interrupt the Affliction, then Dispatchers. Although the Bulwarks don't use any offensive abilities, kill them as soon as others are down. Draxus will be fighting alongside this wave, so Main Tank tanks him.
  6. Sixth wave consists Dismantlers from east & west, and a Bulwark/Corrupter group from south, added with a Despoiler. Despoiler picks a target and shocks him, and he can also heal other enemies. They can be crowd-controlled. Killing Despoiler fast is advisable. Tanks will take the Dismantlers while DPS take out the Corrupters, and then Dismantlers. Don't ignore the Bulwark though. Kill him as fast as you can after Corrupters.
  7. Seventh Wave consists Guardians and Subteroths from east & west. Tanks will take a Guardian. They break threat when they jump, so taunting them back is needed. Also, Tanks need to tank them away from the group due to their own Slam attack, which causes damage in a wide ark in front of them. It can be interrupted though.
  8. Eighth Wave consists Bulwark/Corrupter groups, 1 in east, 1 in west, and a Despoiler from south. Remember, interrupt Corrupters and kill them first.
  9. Last wave consists 2 Guardians and a Bulwark/Corrupter group in the south. Draxus will be around too. Main Tank takes Draxus and off-tank will attempt to handle both Guardians. 1 DPS will take out the Corrupters and other DPS will kill Draxus ASAP. If Draxus has enraged during this phase, you can't win. His damage output increases too much. Kill Draxus first, then the rest.

Hard Mode

Main tactics remain the same, but these enemies are enhanced:

  • Dismantler: Strong Swipe now causes a debuff, which increases Dismantlers damage to that target by 1000%. It can't be cleansed or interrupted. DPS needs to take the swipe in place of a Tank, or if DPS can taunt, taunt it after Tank takes the swipe.
  • Guardian: Guardians will become uninterruptible, which means that their Slam attack must be avoided entirely.

Also, boss drops threat often and he hits harder. Both tanks need to be on boss when he's down and taunt it in turns. And in the last wave boss puts a shield around himself, which makes him immune to damage for 30 seconds.

Nightmare Mode

On nightmare mode this fight is extremely difficult. Without proper teamwork Draxus is nearly impossible to beat.

The wave compositions remain the same as in Story- and Hard modes, but now, almost every enemy is enhanced in some way. And you now have a time limit of 1 minute per wave before next wave appears. Here's a description for each enemy:

  • Subteroth: Subteroths now cause a debuff on nearby players when they die. Debuff increases the damage players receive from the Subteroth's explosion by 250% per stack. All DPS and Healers should stay far away from subteroths and Tanks should do a swap when one of them dies. If Tanks get 2 or more stacks, they should run away from them and hope that DPS can kill them fast. In first wave there are 8 subteroths. Each player can also take care of one them.
  • Dispatcher: Dispatcher is the same as in Hard Mode.
  • Corrupter: Corrupters need to be interrupted like before, but it's now a lot more difficult. Every interrupt done to corrupter causes a timed debuff, which kills a player, if he/she interrupts a Corrupter again. To this end, you need to organize the interrupts accordingly, so that no afflicitions get through. In 16-player mode, Corrupters have 3 different afflictions that are separate abilities, and all of them must be interrupted.
  • Dismantler: Dismantler is the same as in Hard Mode.
  • Bulwark: Bulwarks have received the most serious enhancements. When they appear they do their Hypergate Shielding for 30 seconds and after that they start heavily damaging players. Also, any player inside the shield can't be healed, unless Healer is inside the shield. Killing the Bulwarks in 30 seconds is a must.
  • Despoiler: Despoiler is the same as in Hard Mode, but he can no longer be stunned with crowd control-effects.
  • Guardian: Guardians are the same as in Hard Mode.
  • Draxus: Draxus can now pull players to him. The player he pulls is always random, so Tanks can't ensure that he pulls a tank.


Story Mode

Unassembled Arkanian Boots and 1 random piece of Black Market gear and, 1 Exotic Element Equalizer and Elite Commendations.

Hard Mode

Unassembled Dread Forged Head and 1 random piece of Oriconian gear and 1 Exotic Element Equalizer and Elite Commendations and Ultimate Commendations.

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