Gault's EG-79 Vibroknife

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Gault's EG-79 Vibroknife
Gault's EG-79 Vibroknife
Binds on Pickup
177.0-266.0 Kinetic Damage (Rating 96)
Durability: 200/200
Total Stats:
   +42 Mastery
   +46 Endurance
   +42 Critical Rating
   +329 Tech Power

Requires Gault
Requires Vibroknife

This weapon is only used by special abilities.

Gault's EG-79 Vibroknife is a premium vibroknife for the Bounty Hunter companion Gault.

Source[edit | edit source]

Gault's EG-79 Vibroknife is a mission reward obtained by Bounty Hunters on Voss.

Mission reward
Sith Empire [46] Hard Lessons

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