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Sith Empire Gault Rennow Sith Empire
Gault Rennow

Bounty Hunter companion

Allegiance: Sith Empire
Species: Devaronian
Gender: Male
Planet: Tatooine
Weapon(s): Blaster rifles
Sniper rifles
Voice actor: Daran Norris

Gault Rennow is a male Devaronian and second companion of the Bounty Hunter player character.

Background[edit | edit source]

Formerly the notorious smuggler and confidence man Tyresius Lokai, Gault Rennow now enjoys a relatively paranoia-free lifestyle as an unknown gun-for-hire. Still, old habits are hard to shake, and Gault's cautiousness and duplicity are a constant reminder that the only thing to really change is his name. How long until the crafty Devaronian finds himself climbing up the galaxy's most wanted list again is anyone's guess.

Likes/Dislikes[edit | edit source]

Likes: Greed, indulgence, thinking your way through a problem

Dislikes: Fair fights, pain, charity, rules

Gifts[edit | edit source]

Gault prefers Luxury gifts.

Gault gift preferences
Courting Cultural Delicacies Imperial Luxury Maintenance Military Republic Technology Trophy Underworld Weapon
++ ++++ ++ +++ ++

Codex[edit | edit source]

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