Gault Rennow
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Physical description
Voiced by
Daran Norris
Recruited on
All (Ranged)
Primary Weapon
Primary Stat
Secondary Stat
Underworld Goods
Cultural Artifact
Greed & money, indulgence, thinking your way through a problem, asking pointed questions.
Fair fights and living by a code, pain, charity, rules.
"Formerly the notorious smuggler and confidence man Tyresius Lokai, Gault Rennow now enjoys a relatively paranoia-free lifestyle as an unknown gun-for-hire. Still, old habits are hard to shake, and Gault’s cautiousness and duplicity are a constant reminder that the only thing to really change is his name. How long until the crafty Devaronian finds himself climbing up the galaxy’s most wanted list again is anyone’s guess."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Gault is a male Devaronian Companion Character for the Bounty Hunter. He joins the player at the end of the Tatooine series and is the second companion the player acquires.


As an unknown mercenary living under the radar of both the Republic and Empire, Gault Rennow has enjoyed a relatively quiet existence as a gun-for-hire. But before he took on the name of “Gault Rennow”, the smooth-talking Devaronian was known throughout the criminal underworld as Tyresius Lokai, a notorious smuggler and con artist, whose talents for separating the wealthy and powerful with their credits and cargo quickly made him one of the most infamous grifters in the galaxy.

Lokai was able to amass a small fortune, but he also amassed a sizeable debt and made many enemies across the galaxy. Many times over, it seemed that Lokai was backed into a corner for which there seemed to be no escape, only to slip away at the last moment.

As his bounties mounted, so did his paranoia. Constantly having to look over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t met with the barrel of a blaster pistol, Lokai began to look for a way out of his predicament while not having to give up his lifestyle. When the opportunity for a fresh beginning finally presented itself, “Tyresius Lokai” was no more – and “Gault Rennow” was born.

Knights of the Fallen Empire

"Formerly the notorious smuggler and confidence man Tyresius Lokai, Gault Rennow briefly enjoyed a relatively paranoia-free lifestyle as an unknown gun-for-hire. But old habits are hard to shake, and Gault soon found himself a target of the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt. After convincing the infamous bounty hunter to spare him, he joined the Grand Champion as a right-hand man.

When his new employer mysteriously vanished, Gault went back to doing what he does best: making money and getting into trouble. With his new partner Vette, he racked up a brand-new list of offenses and enemies. He currently maintains a tumultuous relationship with the infamous smuggler Hylo Visz.
―The Scoundrel[src]


  • Stances: Sniper Mode (single target DPS) and Assault Mode (AoE damage)

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