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Gharj is the second boss in the Eternity Vault operation.

This is the second boss in the Operation he will be inside a volcano, he stands on an island and there are rocks that form a path to him.


Phase 1:

Use one tank and put him on one side of the island and let the healers be on the other side, the melee dps have to be behind the boss in the middle of the island. He uses different kind of attacks and you have to react to it accordingly.


A warning message will be displayed when he is going to use this attack. He will jump up and down, then the island will start to sink, but a path appears to another island, follow it and continue the fight there.


There will be a warning on the screen that he is going to use pounce and with this attack he also jumps up and down but it will deal massive damage to players within the radius, so be sure to move away from him, only the tank should stay on his position and take the damage.

Unknown attack:

He will once again jump up and down but without a warning and everyone will get knocked back 30 meters, most characters will fall in the lava, but just get out of it as quickly as possible. The lava will damage you, but not too severe. Consulars and Inquisitors should use there force speed ability to get out of it quickly.

Phase 2:

The same except for when he uses frenzy there spawn dog like monsters, just ignore them till you are safe on the other island, then let the dps's kill them and the fight goes on.

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