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Sith Empire Gianna Sith Empire


 Level 6 Melee NPC (Standard)

Allegiance Sith Empire
Species Human
Gender Female
Health 165
Planet Hutta
Region The Poison Pit

Gianna is a human female encountered by Imperial player characters on the planet Hutta. Mother to a boy named Zi'am, she believes her son's destiny lies with the Sith.[1]

Missions[edit | edit source]

Gianna's son Zi'am is Force-sensitive. She belivees the boy has a great future ahead of him as a member of the Sith Order, and desires that he be sent to the Sith Academy on Tython.[1]

Gianna's estranged husband and Zi'am's father, a man named Kendrel, is adamant that their son not be sent to the Academy. Kestrel fled the instructors on Korriban when he was an acolyte, and has taken his son in an effort to ensure the boy never has to face the deadly challenges used to test initiates.[1]

Begins missions
Sith Empire [2] Dreams of Korriban

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