"Glarus Valley has long been the ancestral home of House Panteer, the royal family of Alderaan, and the site of the Elysium and Castle Panteer itself. The valley was once the seat of culture and democracy on Alderaan, a place where squabbling nobles could resolve their disputes peacefully. Like so much of Alderaan, the land is now ravaged by war. Castle Panteer has fallen to House Ulgo, and the Elysium is all but abandoned. Although House Thul and House Organa maintain a small presence in the area, the disciplined soldiers of House Ulgo tighten their hold every day. There are rumors that the royal family is still in hiding somewhere in the valley, but even Ulgo has been unable to find them."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

The Glarus Valley is a major area of Alderaan and listed in the in-game Locations sub-section of the Codex. It is one of 6 locations listed for Alderaan.

The Codex entry is unlocked simply by traveling into the area, which is in the southwest of Kaamos Territory.

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This is the anestral home of House Panteer. As House Panteer was the ruling family, ths was the place where the ruling class could bring their grievances and issues to be resolved in a peaceful manner. The Elysium and Castle Panteer are located here. Now following the death of the head of House Panteer and the subsequent war, Castle Panteer is now controlled by House Ulgo, while the Panteer royal family hides.


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