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"An aggressive species of humanoids found exclusively on the world of Voss, the Gormak have an amazing ability to comprehend highly advanced technology and adapt it to their specific needs. From bits of scavenged electronics and discarded equipment, they can construct tools, machinery… even deadly weapons and cybernetic implants. Aside from their affinity for technology, the Gormak’s most notable feature is their hatred of the Voss species. The Gormak view the Voss as abominations that must be purged from their homeworld, and they are quick to extend this animosity to newcomers from the Republic and the Empire–like the Voss, these newcomers are all “outsiders.” The Gormak population is estimated to be in the millions, spread across the planet, but so far their tribal, warlike nature has kept them from uniting against the Voss. Yet over the centuries, the Voss have had to constantly fight against the Gormak to survive–and developed a hatred just as strong as the Gormak’s."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]

The Gormak are a race of sentient humanoids native to the planet Voss. They are a pre-spaceflight; albeit tech-savvy humanoids and very hostile to all non-Gormaks.

Developing technology at pace and in a direction unseen in any other part of the galaxy. While Gormak technology is slick and impressive, it is sometimes mildly disconcerting. In addition, the Gormak are culturally opposite to the Voss. They embrace technology without wasting time in soul-searching. Their technical genius has progressed with minimal impact on their basic, tribal culture. They savor competition and warfare and regard the alien sensibilities of the Voss with utter hatred.

Because they see the Voss as an aberration, the Gormak have waged constant assaults against them. This warfare was interrupted when the Sith Empire launched a full-scale invasion of the planet. After the Battle of Voss, both the Republic and the Empire set up embassies in Voss-Ka, the capital city of the Voss, to curry the favor of the Voss Mystics. Seeing this as a sign of an alliance with the Voss and the offworlders, the Gormak began to attack both Republic and Imperial personnel outside of Voss-Ka.

The Battle of Voss left the wreckage of both Republic and Imperial starships on the planet surface. The Gormak have begun salvaging these ships and using the parts to construct their very own starships, which would make them a threat to not just the Voss, but the entire galaxy.


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