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Gormaks are a mysterious species on a mysterious world, the planet Voss. Little is known in the greater galaxy about the Gormak. Though their tribal social structure and communication patterns are undeniably primitive, their ability to comprehend and manipulate technology is uncanny and rivals the best minds of the Republic. This dynamic makes them extremely dangerous and is the reason why the uncivilized portions of Voss are considered to be extremely hostile.

Because of the Gormak's seemingly innate and violent hatred of Voss civilization and all things associated with it, they are enemies to both the Republic and the Sith Empire. Investigations into the source of the Gormak's aggressive stance against the Voss have been largely fruitless. All that is known is that the Gormak consider the Voss to be a corrupt plague to the planet, and they believe that the Voss must be destroyed in order for the Gormak to flourish.

Strangely enough, this violent hatred is not reciprocated. Though the Voss people recognize the Gormak as a threat to their civilization, they spend no time strategizing to wipe this dangerous species from their planet. This is because of a Voss Mystic vision that led to a law forbidding the eradication of the Gormak species. To outsiders, this may seem strange, but to the Voss, this process is completely natural.



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