Found this at X 168, Y 2608, Z 242 It is a datapad beside a log in the Gormak Lands.


"All Gormak possess a natural affinity for technology, but those who are particularly adept often assume the role of shaman–a position of great respect and responsibility within each tribe. Like their kin, the shamans are fierce warriors driven by the desire to purge their homeworld of both the Voss and outsiders, and much of their knowledge and expertise is focused on devising better ways to kill the enemies of the tribe. Other Gormak also look to these techno-priests for leadership and guidance–not just in matters of technology, but in their daily lives. In return, a shaman works tirelessly to maximize the value of any and all equipment collected by the tribe, transforming broken junk into tools and machinery to improve the quality of life for the entire group."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]
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