Options here allow the users to change various graphical settings within the game or, in the case of advanced users, through manipulation of the game files.


Option Type Effect
Vertical Sync Toggle Forces the game to (if able) match frames per second with the refresh rate of the users monitor.
Full Screen Exclusive Mode Drop-Down Menu Select between three modes of display: Fullscreen, Windowed and Fullscreen (Windowed).
Graphics Quality Preset Drop-Down Menu Allows the user to select from several, pre-defined, graphical packages or allows them to use their own settings from the "Advanced" section.
Resolution Drop-Down Menu Allows the user to select the resolution that the game is displayed at from a range of options.
Refresh Rate Drop-Down Menu Allows the user to select the refresh rate that best reflects their monitors actual refresh rate from a range of options.
Full Screen Gamma Slider Bar Allows the user to set their in-game gamma (Essentially making the game appear darker or brighter).


Option Type Effect
Bloom Toggle
Conversation Depth of Field Toggle
Texture Quality
Shader Complexity
Character Level of Detail
Texture Anisotropy
Shadow Quality
Character Texture Atlasing
Grass Quality
Tree Quality
Visible Character Limit

Advanced Editing

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