Production information
Iokath Scientists
Technical specifications
1 Omnicannon
  • Turbolaser batteries
At least 7
"Centuries before Valkorion's arrival on Zakuul, the Eternal Fleet was in the process of systematically decimating all life in Wild Space. Legend speaks of a single massive, alien warship that could counter the Fleet's might: the Gravestone. Outfitted with specialized weapons designed to take out multiple targets at once, the Gravestone could destroy entire sections of the Fleet--including capital ships--with a single shot. After the final battle, the Eternal Fleet was deactivated and the Gravestone believed to be lost. Zakuulan archeologists have scoured Wild Space for a trace of the old warship, but so far have been unsuccessful."
―In-game Codex (Ships)[src]

The Gravestone was a frigate used by the Outlander to defeat the Eternal Empire of Zakuul.


The Gravestone was built by a group of scientists on the planet of Iokath, centuries before the renewed war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. The Gravestone's powerful Omnicannon was capable of targeting an enemy starship and spreading the damage to other nearby vessels.


Hundreds of years before 3640 BBY, the Gravestone defeated the Eternal Fleet in a massive battle and deactivated it, leaving the ships dormant in Wild Space. After the battle the Gravestone was scuttled in the Endless Swamp on the planet Zakuul, where it remained hidden for centuries.

Hundereds of years later it was discovered by Koth Vortena and the Outlander, they repaired the vessel and escaped Zakuul in the Gravestone, using its Omnicannon to break through the reactivated Eternal Fleet. The Gravestone limped to the nearby shadowport Asylum, where the ship was properly repaired and Vortena's old crew joined the vessel. The droid SCORPIO joined the ships crew in order to speak with the vessels central computer, beileving it an intelligence that rivaled her own; after connecting with the ship, she was able to repair many of its systems just in time to use them as Arcann began to assault the port, after escaping Asylum the Gravestone traveled to the Alliance stronghold on the planet Odessen.

The Alliance later took the Gravestone on a mission to seize an Eternal Fleet Battlecruiser in hopes of using GEMINI Prime to take control of the whole fleet network. The Gravestone kept the battlecruiser occupied as the Outlander and his companions boarded the ship. However, the mission went bad as the ship sent out a distress signal. After losing SCORPIO and escaping the battlecruiser, the Outlander returned to the Gravestone and jumped into hyperspace just as Arcann's flagship and the Eternal Fleet arrived. While in hyperspace, the Gravestone received a transmission from SCORPIO, who had faked her destruction and had taken control of most of the Eternal Fleet.

The Gravestone was used later to defend Odessen against Arcann after SCORPIO leaked its location. The Gravestone disabled some of Arcann's support ships, enabling the Outlander to take a strike team and board the Eternal Fleet Flagship and sabotage its weapons and shields. The Gravestone eventuly fired at the Flagship just as the Eternal Fleet regrouped, causing a massive explosion that destroyed the Flagship and the Fleet.

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  • The Battle against the Eternal Fleet
  • The Battle of Asylum




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