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Gray Helix Components
Gray Helix Components
Binds on Pickup
Can be traded for a technologically-advanced Gray Helix weapon at the Gree Reputation Vendor on Ilum.

Gray Helix Components are primarily obtained by defeating Xenoanalyst II aboard Gray Secant and by completing certain missions in the Western Ice Shelf.

Gray Helix Components can only be obtained during the "Relics of the Gree" event.

Gray Helix Components are a Relics of the Gree currency item. They can be earned from defeating operation bosses and from certain missions. They can be used to purchase specialty items from Gree Reputation vendors.


Gray Helix Components are mission rewards that can be obtained from story mode operation bosses in Scum and Villainy and Terror from Beyond. They can also be obtained from weekly missions.

Mission reward
Galactic Republic [55] The Ancient Gree Relays
Galactic Republic [55] Primary Studies
Galactic Republic [55] Unity Assessment
Sith Empire [55] The Ancient Gree Relays
Sith Empire [55] Primary Testing
Sith Empire [55] Unity Examination
Operation bosses
Xenoanalyst II


Gray Helix Components can be used to purchase a variety of weapons from Rodok'k Galactic Republic and Zilok'k Sith Empire.

Vendor Store
Assaultcannon.high02.a03 v01.png Gray Helix Autocannon Droidadapter.png 24

Blaster.high04.a03 v01.png Gray Helix Blaster Droidadapter.png 18

Rifle.high04.a03 v01.png Gray Helix Blaster Rifle Droidadapter.png 24

Saber.jedihigh02.a01 v01.png Gray Helix Lightsaber Droidadapter.png 18

Dualsaber.sithlow01.a01 v01.png Gray Helix Saberstaff Droidadapter.png 24

Rifle.sniperhigh01.a03 v01.png Gray Helix Sniper Rifle Droidadapter.png 24


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