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The Great Hunt was a tournament held by the Mandalorians to determine the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Winners of the Hunt would gain fame across the galaxy and great wealth. The current Mandalore- Mandalore the Vindicated- had won the Great Hunt before he challenged the Mandalore who called for the hunt. The Great Hunt was comprised of many bounty hunters, all assigned to kill high-profile or well-defended targets, to determine which one was the strongest. In addition, whenever a hunter was assigned a bounty, the same bounty was also assigned to at least one other hunter, so the hunter would have to kill both their target, and their competition. This rule narrowed down the hunters until there were no targets left, and one hunter left standing.

The Great Hunt composes the entirety of the Bounty Hunter's Act I story, taking them across the galaxy to hunt down five targets: Admiral "Untouchable" Overnus of the Imperial Navy, Former infamous bounty hunter The Eidolan, elusive smuggler Tyresius Lokai, Alderaanian noble Duke Corwin (nicknamed the Durasteel Duke), and the famed Mandalorian slayer Jedi Master Kellian Jarro. There is also a side-story between Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine that deals with the Great Hunt. This side-story is that the Great Hunt's list of targets has been stolen and is being sold on the black market, and the bounty hunter must recover the list at all costs, before the targets of the Great Hunt go underground. Along the way, the bounty hunter is consistently impeded by cheating Mandalorian Tarro Blood, who tips off the player's targets and sends imperial troops to slow them down.

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