The Great Hunt was a series of events organized by the Jedi in an attempt to exterminate the Sith devotees, along with their creations left after the Great Sith War, such as silan, giant Sith wyrms and terentateks, creatures native to Korriban which fed off the blood of Force-sensitives.

Taking place from 3,995 BBY to 3,993 BBY, the Great Hunt was carried out by a team of Jedi, laregly led by Jedi Knights Guun Han Saresh, Duron Qel-Droma and Shaela Nuur, whose particular Force bond was such that as a team they were able to able to cleanse several planets - including Onderon, Yavin 4, Tython and Tatooine - of the Force-hunting beasts.

None of the hunts were ever completely successful, and the terentateks always slowly rebuilt their numbers, rising again whenever the Sith did.

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