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"Known for their bizarre and wonderful technology as much as their unusual cephalopodic anatomy, the Gree are one of the oldest species in the galaxy. Their civilization once flourished in the Outer Rim, though the glory days of their people ended thousands of years before the rise of the Republic. In modern times, with much of their history forgotten and the greatest achievements of their people lost, most Gree live in seclusion in the Enclave–a mid-sized region of space carefully isolated from outside contact. However, the Gree reputation as engineers and artisans is still unmatched. Genuine Gree technology is worth a fortune to collectors and researchers–though few Gree would part with such treasures, preferring to lend their skills instead."
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The Gree are a race of tentacled gray cephalopod humanoids native to the planet with the same name.


In-game lore and playing event

As part of the Galactic Reputation system, player characters can gain reputation with The Green Enclave completing missions during the Relics of the Gree World Event.

"This advanced species was noted as being one of the oldest civilizations and most ancient in the galaxy. Much of their own history was shrouded to the Gree themselves, with the secrets of their origins being lost. Most scholars believed that the Gree developed on their own homeworld of Gree hundreds of thousands of years before the Galactic Republic. Following a long period of evolution, it was thought that they had developed some form of hyperspace technology whereupon they moved to explore the stars. Their initial expansion in ancient times was achieved through their remarkable technology that included sophisticated navigational computers.

This ancient era when their civilization flourished was known to Gree historians as "the most ancient and forgotten days". The Gree found themselves to be much more advanced than most other races in that era. Few of these species encountered had even entered into the industrial age. In this time, the Gree traded with these worlds and even ruled some of them.

However, they formed a policy of never giving technology to a developing civilization unless they were theoretically capable of developing it themselves. At some unknown point in the distant past, the ancestors of the Gree launched an automated exploration vessel known as the Gray Secant that left the boundaries of the Enclave for its mission to study the entire galaxy. In the Outer Rim, the Gree civilization flourished from 100,000 BBY where they reached their apex during the same era as that of the Columi. They were noted to had constructed strange alien marvels that were never duplicated in later years.

Whilst a powerful race, the Gree empire faced opposition to their reign in the form of the reptilian Kwa.By 100,000 BBY, they shared the galaxy with a number of other races, including the Celestials, Kwa, Sharu, Columi,Taung, and Humans.During these times the Gree, along with both the Kwa and Killiks, became servants of the Celestials.

This era saw them aid in building astonishing technological projects.Around 35,000 BBY one of the Celestials' servant races, the Rakata, revolted against their rule and usurped their domain. Afterwards, the Rakata were known to have waged a war against the other Celestial servant races, including the Gree. This saw the Gree encounter the aggressive and militarily superior might of the Infinite Empire. This period also saw the Gree come intoconflict with the advanced Kwa holdings, a conflict which stretched for millennia to 27,000 BBY. Eventually, both sides were pushed back to their borders by the aggressive expansions and military actions of the Infinite Empire.

Sometime during their history, the Gree engaged in a war with a large saurian species. The war lasted for several centuries, causing such strife and chaos that Abeloth, the Bringer of Chaos, escaped from her prison. In the Histories of the KillikThuruht hive, a panel depicted a group of Gree sacrificing several members of a large, saurian species to Abeloth on her planet."-Star wars Old Republic Books - Return of the Gree - Relics of the Gree

Gree's technology was developed thousands of years ago and was extremely alien to anything known by modern eras. Their ancient technology had millennia ago surpassed that of modern Imperial technology. At their peak, they had mastered stellar engineering, quanta-technology, and dimensional engineering. As such, the oldest Gree technology in existence was remarkably advanced with their high technology on a level far beyond the Imperial equivalent. Much of this consisted of devices that emitted music when operated as they functioned as instruments that needed to be "played" in order to function properly. They also created artificial intelligences that could be contained within artifacts and were strong enough to seize control of a starship.

The race possessed sophisticated navigational computers that operated on principles that were a mystery to other technologists. These capabilities allowed their vessels to safely traverse turbulent regions of space that included vast asteroid fields and dangerous nebulae. The interface of these Gree computers was designed for the six-limbed cephalopodans. The Gree were marked as one among dozens of alien species that were thought to have developed self-aware automata. In fact, their entire military force consisted of droids that were used by the Gree to combat their foes. However, by the time of the Galactic Civil War, they saw droids as being unworthy technology as they flew in the face of Gree exaltation of personal expertise.

Other capabilities achieved through their technology included the capacity to xenoform entire worlds to their standard. Furthermore, they were able to introduce genetically engineered primitive organisms designed to maintain artificial ecosystems. It was the progenitors of the Gree that also developed their Hypergate technology that allowed immediate travel from one point to another.

Among their starships included the rare Gree sailships. They were also able to produce ancient, mysterious sails of their own manufacture as seen on Geonosian solar sailers. They had also produced much larger starships that were more akin to moving cities than vessels such as the Rokak'k Baran.-Dawn Of The Jedi Into The Void

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