Grob'thok, Who Feeds the Forge
Grob'Thok, Who Feeds the Forge
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Grob'Thok, Who Feeds the Forge, is the third boss in Operation: The Dread Fortress.


Story Mode

This fight is fairly simple. Main Tank tanks the boss so that he's not facing the rest of the group. Offtank will take care of additional enemies. Every now and then a red warning text will appear, saying that a random group member has been targeted by a mining droid. This droid isn't a visible enemy. When mining droid targets, it will start dropping molten metal to the targeted player. That player needs to run away from the group and avoid the metal, otherwise he/she will suffer little health loss and stacking armor reduction. Offtank can use the metal to his/her advantage by dragging the additional enemies into the metal. This kills the enemies rather fast. Metal doesn't affect on boss, though.

After some time the boss will use Pipe Smash. He will grab a huge pipe, that will increase his damage. To get rid of it, Main Tank needs to drag the boss to a magnet, that moves in the ceiling. There will be a marker on the floor to tell where the magnet is. When the boss gets stuck into magnet, he will be incapacitated for a few seconds. Be careful though: you can get stuck into the magnet as well! Also, never drag boss to a magnet without the pipe. If you do, boss will destroy the magnet, and the battle will become a lot harder.

Follow this pattern throughout the fight, and you will win.

Hard Mode

On hard mode there's nothing new, only that boss and enemies are tougher.


Story Mode

Unassembled Arkanian Head and 1 random piece of Black Market gear and 1 Exotic Element Equalizer and Elite Commendations.

Hard Mode

Unassembled Dread Forged Legs/gloves and 1 random piece of Oriconian gear and 1 Exotic Element Equalizer and Ultimate commendations and Elite commendations.

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