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A group or "grouping" is two or more players joining together in game. This is often done via a Party System in the game, in which players can see who is in their group, target the players, and share experience.

Groups consist of up to four players, and can be formed at any time to take on Heroic Missions (which can be found on any planet, including your Origin World) or Flashpoints (which become available to you after you leave your Origin World).

To invite a player into a group, just type "/invite" followed by the player name into your chat window and press the Enter key. You can also invite players by clicking on them in-game, then right-clicking on their portrait in your Quickbar and selecting the "Invite to Group" option.

Alternatively, you can accept invites to join other player's groups by clicking the green check mark in the notification that will appear below your chat window when you're invited.

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