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A guild is an in-game group of players. Guilds have a variety of focuses including socializing, raiding, and PVP.

Join your friends to explore the galaxy

Do you want to team up with other dedicated players to conquer the toughest challenges in the game? Totally immerse yourself in the Star Wars™ galaxy with other role-players? Coordinate tactics with trusted teammates in PvP? Regardless of your play-style in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, being part of a guild can help you achieve your goals as well as meet new people and socialize with friends.

In The Old Republic, you’ll explore the galaxy alongside other players, often working together to overcome incredible challenges. Joining a guild will help you find a network of players whose interests complement your own. It will help you stay in touch with friends you know from outside the game and some you may meet during your adventures. Although joining a guild is not essential to in-game progression, joining a guild can enhance your overall gameplay experience in many ways, including:


Guild members generally join together to tackle group quests, Flashpoints, and operations. It helps to know your teammates in those big battles that require complex tactics.


Guild chat gives you and your friends a private channel for communication, creating a lively in-game atmosphere as you play.

Getting Guidance[]

Being in a guild gives you access to a community of friends in game who can quickly answer your questions and help you make decisions as your character develops.


By working together, guildmates can become powerful teams in player versus player PVP combat.

Earning Credits[]

Guildmates can coordinate to cover different crew skills, allowing guilds to maximize their knowledge and production.


Guilds can be formed by assembling a group of 4 players and speaking with a guild registrar. The cost is Credit.png 5,000.

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