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* {{Currency|Credits|125}}
* {{Currency|Credits|125}}
* 1740 [[XP]]
* 1740 [[XP]]
* Item: [[File:529238.jpg|14px|link=Minor Medpac]] {{ItemLink|Standard|Minor Medpac}}
* Item: [[File:529238.jpg|18px|link=Minor Medpac]] {{ItemLink|Standard|Minor Medpac}}
* Item: [[File:532829.png|14px|link=Rugged Smuggling Leggings]] {{ItemLink|Premium|Rugged Smuggling Leggings}} ([[Smuggler]])
* Item: [[File:532829.png|18px|link=Rugged Smuggling Leggings]] {{ItemLink|Premium|Rugged Smuggling Leggings}} ([[Smuggler]])
* Item: [[File:Ipp.class.tro.quest.rdps1.t1x2.legs.png|14px|link=Republic Trooper's Greaves]] {{ItemLink|Premium|Republic Trooper's Greaves}} ([[Trooper]])
* Item: [[File:Ipp.class.tro.quest.rdps1.t1x2.legs.png|18px|link=Republic Trooper's Greaves]] {{ItemLink|Premium|Republic Trooper's Greaves}} ([[Trooper]])
== Notable quotes ==
== Notable quotes ==

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Template:ArticleBorder Template:MissionInfoBoxHail the Liberators is a level 7 mission available to players of the Galactic Republic faction. It is obtained on Ord Mantell by speaking with Odar, an older man found in Oradam Village.


Odar's daughter, Qo'el, was kidnapped by Republic soldiers and taken to Fort Garnik. You have agreed to investigate her disappearance."

"Head to Fort Garnik and search for Odar's Daughter.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hail the Liberators mission description


  • Choice: "We'll be able to gather all the evidence we need--without resorting to these unsavory means. Got it?"
Dark Side Icon.png +50 "Will do."
Light Side Icon.png +50 "Absolutely not."


Notable quotes

She's a traitor to the Republic. She deserves what she gets. But the courts are full, you see, and so justice needs a little help. If that means Republic soldiers have to twist a few arms, so be it.
~ Kellik

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