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Haken was a Human male officer within the Republic Navy during the Cold War against the Sith Empire. He was the first officer aboard The Esseles, and later assumed command.


During the Cold War he took command of the vessel when the commander, Tyrus, was killed during a turbolaser barrage from a Sith Battlecruiser. He then took a very pessimistic attitude towards the situation believing that the would all be killed. This was reinforced after Grand Moff Kilran hailed The Esseles, and demanded that they allow Ambassador Asara to be taken into Sith custody. He was convinced to fight back by the Republic heroes on board. He dispatched Commander Narlock and three security officers to the primary airlock, to assist the heroes in repelling the boarding party. This proved to be a fatal mistake however as Ironfist, a Mandalorian bounty hunter took this opportunity and stormed the bridge, capturing Haken and two other men. Haken was freed from Ironfist's capture when the heroes themselves stormed the bridge and killed Ironfist.