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Level 7 Melee NPC

Species Zabrak
Gender Female
Health 200
Planet Tython
Region Jedi Temple
Location [-281, -433]

Hallen is a Zabrak Jedi that can be found at the main entrance to the Jedi Temple, on the planet Tython. The Masters of the Temple have sent Hallen to share a message with any young Jedi Consulars entering the building.


Hallen has been stationed at the entrance to the Jedi Temple my the order's Masters. She's been tasked with delivering a message to young Jedi Consulars entering the building; if they wish to continue learning the secrets of the force Jedi Master Wettle can be found on the Temple's second floor.

Begins mission
Galactic Republic Icon class jediconsular.png [2] Wisdom of the Elders

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