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Hammer Station


Galactic Republic and Sith Empire Flashpoint

Location Space station
Story Mode -
Veteran Mode 15+
Master Mode 50+
Group Finder Yes
Encounters DN-314 Tunneler
Battlelord Kreshan
Vorgan the Volcano


"The Hammer, a powerful prototype battle station developed by the Republic, was believed to have been destroyed during the war. However, this terrible weapon has re-emerged in the hands of the Advozsec, who are using it to conquer unaligned worlds in the Outer Rim."

Hammer Station is a mid-game Flashpoint available to both Empire and Republic players.


  • Expansion Excavation

Boss: DN-314 Tunneler

In this area, groups can avoid many enemies by having a slicer in their group. In a dead end room about halfway through the area, the slicer can use a generator in the flashpoint to drill though a stone wall, leading directly the DN-314 boss battle

  • Security Wing

Boss: Vorgan the Volcano

After the boss battle, a terminal gives the group a choice to harm innocent scientists further into the station for an easy route. If the winner of the roll decided yes, he or she receives dark side points, as do all who agreed. Those who don't will win light side points, and if one of these people wins the roll, the group must encounter more mobs later in the flashpoint.

  • Section Zero

Boss:Battlelord Kreshan


  • Advozse Infantry Droid
  • Advozse Battleleader
  • Advozse Bladewarrior
  • Advozse Bombarder
  • Advozse Sharpshooter
  • Boarder Suppression Droid
  • Security Laser Cannon
  • Sliced Republic Astromech
  • Sliced Republic Droid


DN-314 Tunneler[]

Brief Strategy: This is a DPS race to kill the boss as fast as possible. Droids will spawn at certain intervals as DN-314's health drops and they float around randomly and explode: just AoE them whilst DPS'ing down the boss. (Side Note: Having ranged DPS and Healer stand on the crate near the DN-314 area, which is only accessible from the route created by the sliced drill, may help those standing on the crate avoid the damage done by explosive droid spawns. If your group plans to do so, make sure the tank and melee DPS are close enough to be healed and DN-314 to be attacked)

Vorgan the Volcano[]

Brief Strategy: Kill his lieutenants (2R-CH "Torch" and Sawbones Gjonfs) behind him one at a time (using markers helps). The tank can also help DPS the droids if he/she can hold aggro on the boss. Sith Inquisitor can incapacitate 2R-CH "Torch" with Whirlwind. Presumably other forms of crowd control would work as well.

Battlelord Kreshan[]

Brief Strategy: Kreshan summons two enemies at regular intervals. He uses a bullet spray attack on his primary target. The bullet spray is a thin cone that hits multiple targets in it's line of fire. However, Kreshan doesn't follow his target after casting it, which means players should step out of the line as quick as they can. Kreshan also throws several red markers on the ground that players should keep out of. Running while he casts the red markers generally lets you avoid the (quite large) initial damage of it. When the boss calls out for re-enforcements it helps for healer and DPS to run to the tank and AoE the adds down in one location. At other times, players should avoid standing behind or in front of each other to reduce damage from Kreshan's bullet spray. Players may want to avoid standing close to the windows in Kreshan's room, as they may get thrown out of them and end up outside of the Flashpoint.

Battlelord Kreshan is an elite defender, and the final boss in this Flashpoint.