Hammer Station
Hammer Station
Gather a boarding party to assist you with infiltrating and destroying Hammer Station. A dropship has been disguised as a garbage scow to sneak you aboard.
Level 13-17
Location Unknown
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Sith Empire IconThe Black Talon
Galactic Republic IconThe Esseles
DN-314 Tunneler
Riflor's Champions
Battlelord Kreshan
"Pressed by the Sith Empire during the war, the Republic Senate sank its meager resources into ever-more desperate measures to end the conflict. One of the resulting projects was Hammer Station, a prototype mobile facility built around a combined tractor beam and massive gravity cannon. The tractor beam captured nearby asteroids, and the cannon launched the asteroids at near-relativistic speeds at a chosen target. No shield could handle that magnitude of kinetic energy. When positioned over a planet, Hammer Station was capable of devastating entire cities in a single shot. However, Hammer Station’s attacks could not be tempered. The asteroids caused planet-wide dust clouds and groundquakes, rendering entire worlds nearly uninhabitable. After seeing the destruction, the Republic Senate could not authorize its use, even against the Empire, and ordered the project scrapped. The Hammer Station project files were classified and later destroyed in a Senate tower bombing after the Treaty of Coruscant was signed. "
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

Hammer Station is an early-game Flashpoint for both the Republic and the Empire . It is set on a massive weapon designed to fire asteroids on planets. Your job is to shut it off.


Constructed by the Republic Engineering Corps during the war, Hammer Station was designed to serve as the ultimate deterrent against the Empire; a devastating superweapon that could wreak planet-wide destruction. The prototype battle station was built to utilize a gravity cannon that could hurl asteroids at planets and enemy capital ships. Once the Treaty or Coruscant was signed, the Republic military decommissioned the station and it was assumed to be destroyed when sent on a collision course with a nearby sun.

Now the station has reappeared under the control of the Advozse Hegemony, who have begun using the station’s cannon to conquer unaligned worlds near the contested borders. Allowing the Advozsec to control the station poses a threat to both the Empire and the Republic, and both sides now assemble strike teams to storm Hammer Station and eliminate this deadly threat once and for all.

Hammer Station is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 17.


Hammer Station was originally designed by Republic Engineers in the waning days of the War as a super-weapon against the Empire. Rather than carry traditional turbo-lasers, the mobile battle station instead uses a massive accelerator to launch asteroids at near lightspeed against its enemies. This made Hammer Station deadly both against planetary targets and capital ships, whose shields were designed to stop energy weapons, not high speed impacts. After the Treaty of Coruscant, the Senate issued an order to destroy the station, which was never carried out. Now in the hands of a radical fringe, Hammer Station represents a threat to both the Empire and the Republic.[1]

The Flashpoint introduces a system for players to use their Crew Skills to advance in to the Flashpoint more easily. For example near the start of the Flashpoint the players come across a giant drill that, if operated by someone with a certain level of the Scavenging Gathering Skill , drills a hole directly to the first Boss, creating a shortcut and avoiding smaller combat encounters.[1]

Get This Mission

There are two ways to add this mission to your mission log. One is by going to the terminal in the Fleet Dropship Launch Hangar area (from Fleet Main Floor take east (Republic) or west (Empire) elevator to Dropship Launch Hangar). Another way is to join Group Finder Queue (icon on mini-map).


1. DN-314 Tunneler

This is the first boss.

2. Riflor's Champions

This is the second boss consisting of Vorgan the Volcano, Sawbones Gjonfs and 2R-CH, "Torch"

3. Battlelord Kreshan

This is the final boss within the Hammer Station. He uses grenades and sprays machine gun fire which should be averted. He also summons trash mobs, which should be defeated as fast as possible.


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