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"A gruff, hard-line traditionalist, Overseer Harkun believes in the Empire and the superiority of its children. He makes no effort to hide his contempt for acolytes who have risen up from slavery or those chosen from alien cultures. His stubborn rejection of the changes at the Academy–of the need to replace Sith lost in the war with a new and “lesser” generation–has crippled his prospects for advancement, leaving him bitter and spiteful… particularly to those students who represent what he most despises. Harkun is well aware that his days are numbered. Yet he is determined to exact his revenge on those acolytes unfortunate enough to be placed under his supervision. If he can’t keep the fools of the galaxy from joining the Academy, at least he can make them suffer."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Harkun was a male human Sith at the Korriban Sith Academy.


An Overseer active during the Cold War, Harkun had been tasked by Lord Zash to test a group of acolytes so that she may select the superior of the group as an apprentice. Among those acolytes was the Sith Inquisitor, who because of their former time as a slave he treats with contempt.[1] After his arrival he tasked the future Inquisitor to see Spindrall, who would give the acolyte a trial of blood. After completing the task, the acolyte returned to Harkun, who killed Kory and then presented Ffon Althe to the others. He sent the slave to see Zyn and interogate Alif, a trial accomplished once again perfectly. Harkun was skeptical, believing Zyn had somehow assisted the former slave. He then sends the acolyte to retrieve a holocron from the tomb of Marka Ragnos, and after their return insists the holocron. He then tells Althe to kill Gerr, an apparent failure. Later, the slave is tasked to bring texts from the tomb of Tulak Hord, which later impresses Lord Zash. The slave is later sent to the second floor of the Academy, truly an assassination attempt. Unfortunately for Harkun, the pair of acolytes fail to eliminate the former slave. He gives an advantage to Ffon and allows him to depart earlier for the tomb of Naga Sadow, but with Zash's help, the Inquisitor succeeds in possessing the map with further assistance from the long-imprisoned Dashade assassin, Khem Val. In a final attempt to secure Ffon's victory, Harkun demands the map from the future Inquisitor and instructs Ffon to lie and claim the position of apprentice to Lord Zash. However, intimidation from Zash ultimately forces Althe to admit the truth and secures his death at the hands of the female Sith Lord. Albeit exceeded in authority by Zash, Harkun threatens to harass the newly accepted apprentice throughout their career as a Sith.

Some time later, after the Sith Inquisitor has become a Lord of the Sith, and orders Harkun to administer the trials to a group of slaves, one of which, the Kaleesh Xalek, shall become an apprentice. 

Behind the scenes


The dead Harkun.

During the Sith Inquisitor's return to Korriban in search for a new apprentice, Harkun can be killed or Force persuaded to forget about the unauthorized murder of Seferiss by Xalek himself and give his personal lightsaber to Xalek.


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