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"Harron Tavus has served as a combat officer since before the Sacking of Coruscant, where he played an active role in the guerrilla campaign against the Imperial invaders. Excellent instincts and a natural talent for leadership helped Tavus rise quickly through the ranks, but he has repeatedly refused any assignment that would take him away from combat. Instead, he earned a place in the Republic’s famed Havoc Squad, serving as the team’s commanding officer. Tavus is widely respected for his dedication to the soldiers under his command, so much so that he is rarely referred to by his official rank of captain; instead, Tavus is called merely “commander,” an old Republic Army tradition designating him as someone whose authority and skill supersedes any specific rank."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Harron Tavus was a Human Republic Special Forces soldier, Havoc Squad member and commander, and Imperial defector and collaborator. He served in Republic Special Forces for his entire career with the Republic, then he and the other senior members of Havoc Squad elected to defect to the Sith Empire. In the confusion of the defection, Tavus convinced huge masses from Special Forces to defect with them, causing turmoil in the Republic military and forcing Special Forces senior official General Garza to take action against the defectors with Havoc's last loyal member.


Tavus served as a lieutenant in Republic Special Forces immediately after training, and was thrust into fighting in the Great Galactic War. Tavus served with Jedi Master Orgus Din during different battles during the War and was witness, as was Din, to the Sacking of Coruscant. The two, along with other Republic forces on-planet, battled to repel the invasion during its first few hours, but eventually had to retreat from the fight. After the Treaty of Coruscant officially ended the war, Tavus accompanied Din on a diplomatic mission to Balmorra, during which they rescued Jedi Knight Satele Shan from an adrift escape pod.

While the Cold War threatened more conflict between the Republic and Empire, Tavus joined Havoc Squad under the command of Jek Kardan. Upon a mission to Ando Prime, he and his squad were "left to die," in his words, seemingly with no way to leave the planet or their current conflict because of the Republic's refusal to aid them. They eventually managed to escape back to the Republic, but Kardan resigned from Special Forces out of disgust, and Tavus' whole view of the Republic was changed drastically.

Tavus took command of the squad after Kardan's resignation, and he and his crew were dispatched to Ord Mantell to retrive a stolen ZR-57 orbital strike bomb from Separatist forces on the ground. The squad's newest member was assigned to the squad during this mission, and all squad members were assigned across the planet in efforts to retrieve the bomb. Tavus and the other senior members of the squad (Gearbox, Wraith, Needles and Fuse) acted in the interest of the Republic, but in truth were already considering defection before the beginning of the mission, and were simply looking for a moment to leave. The squad eventually did locate the bomb, and cut their transponders to prevent then from being tracked into the Separatist stronghold where the bomb was being stored. The sergeant, who had not been with the squad on their mission to Ando Prime, discovered the others at the bomb as Tavus announced their intentions to defect.

"The Republic doesn't care about us. During a mission to Ando Prime, they simply left us to die."
―Harron Tavus to the Havoc Squad Sergeant[src]

Tavus said that he respected the sergeant for fighting for what they believed in, and regretted that his last order to his former charge had sent the sergeant to die. He ordered a squad of Imperials to kill the sergeant as he and the remainder of the defectors left the stronghold with the ZR-57 in an Imperial shuttle. Upon reaching Imperial space, they learned that the bomb had been deactivated by the sergeant before the squad had departed Ord Mantell.

The squad was split up across the galaxy, achieving different objectives for the Empire, but as the remnants of Havoc Squad (who were being rebuilt by Republic Special Forces) hunted and killed almost every Havoc traitor, Tavus began to re-amass his priorities and morals, and when the sergeant - now a lieutenant and the new Havoc CO, thought dead on Ord Mantell - hunted down Tavus himself, he was filled with rage for his fallen comrades and battled the new Havoc Squad aboard his Imperial dreadnaught, the Justice. Tavus was defeated and taken prisoner to General Garza and Havoc Squad.

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Tavus will react differently to the trooper if Fuse was spared on Tatooine, but will still engage regardless. Tavus can be killed by the trooper after their battle to the chagrin of Garza.


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