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Notable members
Harron Tavus (former)
Jace Malcom (former)
Zeerid Korr (former)
Republic Trooper (former)
"The founding unit of the Republic Special Forces division, infantry squad 326–code-named “Havoc Squad”–is renowned as the army’s most elite fighting team. Despite the total secrecy of Havoc’s missions, the team has taken on an almost superhuman reputation on both sides of the war–unstoppable commandos who can strike anytime, anywhere, regardless of opposition. Before Special Forces existed as a separate division of its own, Havoc Squad was attached to a standard infantry division throughout the Great War. It wasn’t until the Battle of Alderaan that the squad rose to galactic fame, leading a small group of wounded and recovering men to victory against a massive Imperial invasion force. The value of small elite units had been proven, and Havoc Squad was later chosen as the model for a full division of highly trained and agile infantry squads–the Republic Special Forces."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

Havoc Squad is an elite combat special forces unit of Republic Special Forces troopers fighting the Separatists on Ord Mantell during the Ord Mantell Civil War.


They first appeared in Star Wars: The Old Republic "Hope" trailer fighting against the Imperial forces by element of surprise and ambush.

Havoc Squad in cinematic trailer "Hope".

Knights of the Fallen Empire

"The founding unit of the Republic Special Forces division, Havoc Squad was renowned as the army's elite fighting team. For a long time, Havoc enjoyed a reputation as a team of unstoppable commandos who always emerged successful against impossible odds. When Havoc fell from grace after a mass unrest in the ranks, a young lieutenant rebuilt the squad and led it to victory once again.

These days, opinions on Havoc Squad are mixed at best. After the disappearance of the officer who led Havoc to its greatest triumphs over the Sith Empire, the elite unit has seen little meaningful action. While many Republic citizens appreciate the squad's past efforts to keep their worlds safe, rumors persist that the commandos have abandoned their posts to fight an unsanctioned guerrilla war on Zakuul--one that threatens the fragile peace treaty with the Eternal Empire.
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]


Current Members

Former Members

Havoc Squad is the squad that the Trooper will be directly inserted into upon her/his arrival to Ord Mantell.

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