Health is the attribute of a player, creature or NPC which determines the amount of damage that they can sustain before death.

Health of Player Characters

All player characters have health represented on their User Interface (UI) by a red horizontal bar. Whenever a player sustains damage from any source, that player loses health, and their health bar is reduced. When a players health is reduced to zero (the bar is completely depleted), that player dies.

Regaining Health

A player can regain health in a number of ways. The player may be healed in combat through abilities, provided either by themselves or by others. Out of combat, all players have a health regeneration mechanism which returns health quickly to the player between fights. Some specialized consumables and equipment can also be used to regain health. Lastly, certain rare in-game world effects can also regain health for a player, either in or out of combat.

Increasing Total Health

Health pools for player characters increase as the player rises in level. Health also increases via the increase of player stats (specifically, Endurance). Buffs and Debuffs can also affect the health pool of players for a set period of time.

-Highest player health recorded in SWTOR is close to 59000.

Health of Creatures and NPCs

Creatures and NPCs have health bars that work on the same principle as those of players. However, depending on the creature or NPC, health pools of creatures and NPCs can vary wildly as compared to those of player characters of an equal level. Basic creatures often have health pools that are much smaller than that of similar level characters, while some Boss creatures can have health pools that exceed that of player characters by a factor of ten or more.

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