"Sometimes, fate imbues a single individual with an embarrassment of unrelated talents. In the case of Arcona war historian Hemdil Tre, that's a keen scholar's mind combined with some of the deadliest gun-fighting accuracy ever witnessed. Those who underestimate him--or, worse, draw their weapons on him--have little time to recognize the error of their ways. He always feels bad about these altercations and apologizes profusely to the smoking remains.

Having chronicled the entire history of Arcona warfare, Hemdil now wishes to write the definitive biography of the Commander for the Alliance against the Eternal Empire. He has found a task worthy of both his specialties: Only a skilled blaster combatant has any hope of surviving the Commander's many battles to write a first-person account. At long last, Hemdil Tre isn't merely writing history--he's living it.
―The Military Historian[src]

Hemdil Tre is a male Arcona historian living during the Galactic War.

Knights of the Fallen Empire

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