Heraklon-class transport
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Heraklon-class transport
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Production information
Sadon Shipwrights
Technical specifications
Class 3
Max speed
725 km/h (atmosphere)
450 or 150 Luxury
  • Freighter
  • Luxury liner
  • Transport

The Heraklon-class transport was a passenger liner and freighter that was used by the Galactic Republic during the Dark Wars.


Due the versatility of the Heraklon-class transport, the ships saw a wide range of uses. Most typically these ships were used as cargo freighters. In the Core Worlds and Inner Rim, some were configured to carry passengers as a liner or even as a cruiser. The Heraklon-class transports also saw use in the hands of smugglers and pirates, who benefited from the vast amount of hidden compartments that could be found in side the ship.

Heavy hauler

The Heraklon-class transport was a frigate-type transport starship. As it was easy to use and very versatile, it saw use in a number of different functions. It had a simple construct, leaving the entire front part of the ship for crew quarters and cargo holds, while placing the engines and ship systems in the narrower rear of the vessel. The cargo holds took up most of the space inside the ship, they could also be modified to carry specialized cargoes such as livestock, liquids and gases.

Luxury liner

As a passenger liner it could carry 450 people in triple bunks, or 150 people in luxury rooms. A number of Heraklon-class transports were even purchased by various travel companies for use as luxury liners. Heraklon-class transports were built without any weapon systems fitted, so as to reduce production costs. This forced captains to avoid traveling outside of secure routes typically found near the Core Worlds, either traveling in caravans, or hiring an armed escort to provide protection from pirates and criminals.


The Heraklon-class transport was built by Sadon Shipwrights during the Dark Wars and was an updated version of the Dionad-class transport. Sales in the beginning were quite high, and Heraklon-class transports became more popular than similar transports that were manufactured by Sadon's rivals.

However, in 3,951 BBY, the Heraklon-class transport gained some negative publicity, due to the actions of the Zhug brothers, a group of Duros bounty hunters. The Zhug brothers acquired a Heraklon-class ship for their personal use and with it attempted to land in the city Iziz on the planet Onderon. However, Colonel Tobin of the Onderonian military had blockaded the world due to the Onderon Civil War and prevented the Zhugs from landing by shooting their ship, thus forcing them to crash on Onderon's moon, Dxun. As a result of the incident, sales of Heraklon-class transports decreased and some of Sadon's executives began considering developing an alternative design of transport to replace the Heraklon-class. However, the Heraklon-class was saved by a change in Sadon's advertising strategies; the focus centered on how the passengers and cargo of a Heraklon-class transport would be safe in the event of an accident. The campaign worked and sales returned to a profitable level, ensuring the continued production of the Heraklon-class transport.

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